I-Mark Dot-Peen and Scribe Marking Machines are Engineered Built Perfect for high volume industrial part marking.

Engineered and Built by Columbia Marking Tools

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Intuitive Windows Software

Intuitive windows software provides tool tips, help files, online support and software maintenance. The software is always included free with the purchase of I-Mark products.

Network Access

Network access through Ethernet LAN included at no additional cost. Easily program and monitor I-Mark marking machines on the production floor or from the office. Program one or more systems via a remote PC. Advanced fault logging keeps track of marking production.

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Automation Integration

The I-Mark marking machines are easy to integrate into production with flexible communications options. Communication protocols include: discrete program selection, fill placeholder data via a variety of protocols, complete remote control and Ethernet IP via implicit messaging.

Extra Mile

The I-Mark line wins in the uptime category. The solid head is designed with state-of-the-art controllers. The build includes all machined parts, all linear ways and no plastic components. And of course, is MADE IN THE USA.

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Dual Marking Heads

Control multiple marking heads with one controller. Realize cost savings of 15-25% over the cost of separate units. Mount and install one controller. Simplify communication with the marking heads.