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Economical Benchtop Marking Machine

The Handy Andy Dot Peen marking machine is used to mark date codes, part numbers, serial numbers, logos, or other product information on a wide variety of parts. The air-powered carbide pin is controlled by a dual-axis motorized assembly. The pin indents the material to permanently mark the parts. The Handy Andy X comes complete with: 2-axis marking head, fixture mounting plate (fixture extra), manual Z-axis column, filter, regulator, and lock out for compressed air source, USB connection to customer-provided PC, 110 VAC connection, and FREE Windows software.


Windows Software

Fully-programmable, the Handy Andy X industrial marking machine can automatically apply serial numbering, date codes, job numbers, lot numbers, and even company logos. The PC software works with Windows® (XP and newer versions) and is easy to understand and operate. Simple pull-down menus, icons, hot keys, text orientation control and point and click features minimize training time.


Industrial Construction

The new model Handy Andy X is designed and built for industrial marking. This model includes upgrades to the frame, bearings, and motors. The frame has been redesigned and engineered for a more rigid structure. The Y-axis now includes a 4 bearing slide assembly. The axes are powered with a new hybrid lead screw motor with improves speed and positional accuracy. Also, the all metal pin housing with carbide tip is suited for durable industrial marking applications.



The Handy Andy benchtop marking station is a two-axis stepper motor system, with a carbide air powered pin. This system requires a customer-supplied PC, and customer-required part fixturing to secure parts during the marking process.

Technical PDF


  • Designed For Industrial part marking
  • Marking Window 3.15" x 1.97" (50 x 80mm)
  • Marking Speed 3-4 characters per second
  • Marking Material Plastic, wood, metals (up to 45 RC)
  • Windows PC Required - not included
  • Compatible OS Windows XP and newer
  • PC Connection USB
  • USB Cable Length 3 ft
  • Power 110 VAC
  • Compressed Air Required, 1/4 NPT
  • Air Pressure Range 30-75 PSI


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