Handy Andy, I-Mark and Eclipse are brands of Columbia Marking Tools. The entire CMT network of technical service personnel and marking specialists can assist with inquiries.

Direct Support

Direct support is required for customers that already have the I-Mark and Eclipse in service. Direct support requests include: software registration, return requests for product repair or analysis, or service tickets for installation or operational questions.

Technical Support

Technical support includes product guides, CAD drawings, operational manuals, and software.

Contact Details

Listing of headquarters location, hours of operation, and primary email contacts.

I-Mark Registration

I-Mark software registration. If you are getting an ERROR 32 - registration of the software is needed.

Technical Guides

A library of technical brochures on all the standard Handy Andy, I-Mark and Eclipse marking products.


Link to Google map. Columbia Marking Tools is located in Michigan. I-Mark and Eclipse brands are MADE IN USA.

RMA Request

Prior to returning Handy Andy, I-Mark or Eclipse products to CMT for inspecation, please fill out the RMA request.

CAD drawings

Product CAD drawings provided in a number of popular vector formats.

Representatives and Distributors

Map of the world with additional information about representatives and distributors.

Technical Questions

Additional direct support on operation and installation is provided through support tickets. Please be as descriptive as possible to have the answer in the most prompt manner.


Operation guides and manuals.

Quote request

Handy Andy quick quote BUY NOW BUTTON, standard and custom design requests.

Free Time

Our dot-peen, scribe, and laser marking machines are so amazingly reliable that our service technicians get lonely. Please drop them an email just to say hi.


Download or request the current version of software for your product - we know that stuff happens, even to the most reliable systems!