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The I-Mark product line from Columbia Marking Tools is a complete line of programmable marking products from Economical Dot-Peen benchtop marking systems to complete custom Laser marking stations. In addition, the I-Mark scribe systems offer the patented Square-Dot marking technology.

The I-Mark I-Series is provided as an Easy Package for quick integration of dot-peen or scribe marking system

Popular products:


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The I-Mark products have the benefit of a complete online library of drawings, literature, online help file, FAQ, and more...


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Columbia Marking Tools is continually developing this product line. Recent advances include the seamless interface of the marking and reading software for 2D codes. CMT offers Mark and Read stations using this technology.


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Columbia Marking Tools offers solutions to industrial marking applications. A wide range of products that can be customized to fit marking requirements insures the "right fit" for each application.