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CMT's patented high resolution marking process to apply 2D/UID machine readable
to a variety of materials. This process scribes a matrix of small square cells into the
material. The mark provides the best direct part reading with a vision system as the cells are
filled in similar to a laser mark but much deeper and often with better contrast.
The Square-Dot® process may be implemented with any of CMT'S I-Mark Scribe systems,
these include I-Series air Scribe & the C-Series electric or air scribe.


Square-Dot Test Picture

The Square-Dot® patented process uses a diamond tip to draw squares on material to create a machine readable 2D/UID code. This technique creates both a depressed square and a raised ridge as shown below. The "filled cel" reflections create a more defined matrix as shown above, and therefore, offers better readability.

“successfully read 10 out of 10 attempts on a rough aluminum casting with the hand-held reader.”
-Vision System Manufacturer

“..and all other dot peen markers imprint a round dot; whereas a laser marker is capable of marking a square cell. This adds to the relative readability of laser marks in 2-D applications, since a theoretically perfect Data Matrix® 2-D code is based on square cells.”
-Dot-Peen Manufacturer