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I-Mark Scribe Marking

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"Silent Scribe" version of the popular I-Series Dot-Peen. This ball screw drive system has
a marking speed of 4 characters per second in scribe mode. The systems come with two
marking window options: medium and large size. This system is UID/2D Square-Dot®
Compatible. The I-Mark controller uses the latest in drive technology.

Complete marking unit for integration:

  • Pneumatic Scribe Marking Head in two window
  • Model 200 I-Mark Controller
  • I-Mark software for programming
    (details page 22)
  • Power cable, Marking head cable,
    Cross over cable, and LAN cable

The I-Mark-IS Marking Head:

  • Air and controller connection located on
    back of marker.
  • Solid aluminum frame with ½" plates on three
    sides for easier mounting, all 3 pre-drilled &
  • High torque stepper motors and ball screw drives
    for precise positioning.
  • Pneumatic pin with diamond tip to mark hard parts
    45 - 65 Rc
  • Mountable in any orientation

The I-Mark Model 200 controller:

  • Compact design for easy installation
    into production equipment.
  • Communication options including
    remote programming over LAN, and
    operational controls via I/O,
    Modbus, Serial, Ethernet IP ect.
  • Touch screen/monitor upgrade and
    more details


  • Pedestal mount
  • Upgrades: database and camera

I-Series Scribe How to Order Chart


  • High torque stepper motors with ball screw drive
  • 2D and Square-Dot® capable
  • 2 marking windows;
    • Medium = 1.59" x 2.35" (40 x 60mm
    • Large = 3.18" x 7.87" (80mm x 200mm)

  • Marking speed of 4-5 (1/8", 3mm) cps
  • 10 ft (3m) or 25 ft (7.5m) cable from head to controller
  • Diamond pin included – Marks hard and carbide metals (up to 65 RC)
  • Weight of marking head assembly: 19lbs


  • Controller requires 110 VAC power, 6 ft (1.8m) electrical cord supplied
  • Air power required, 8mm push-in tube fitting requires connection to air supply (30-75 PSI operating range)


Illustration of IM-IS series