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2D Code Size

The size of code depends on the marking method and the number of cells required for the characters encrypted

  • Cells must be "filled"
  • Cells must be clearly defined. Larger than the width of the stylus being used for the dot-peen or scribe method.
  • Laser is the "highest resolution" direct part marking method and is able to produce the smallest clearly defined cells.


The type of marking method will determine the cell size. The higher the resolution of the marking method the smaller the readable 2D code.

Dot-Peen is a "low resolution marking mehtod. A single dot defines each cell. The grade of the mark is determined by the quclity of the filled cells. Poorly filled cells result in poorly read marks.
Square-Dot is a patented process by CMT. Each cell is scribed The scribed squares fill the cell and result in a higher resolution mark and better reading and verification by cameras.
The highest resolution Direct Part Marking method is laser. The fine precision of the laser marking allows for the smallest cell size and the smallest 2D code size.